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Marathon at work

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Firenze Marathon is already hard at work. Many runners change their training schedule and style during the winter, including other disciplines in order to prepare for the coming season. They work to improve their strength and speed, and above all to prepare for their goals that they will establish for the coming year.
We, too, have taken advantage of the off-season in order to redefine our objectives, projects, events, plans, and to improve the Firenze Marathon scheduled for November 24, 2019. We will present everything as usual via our website, social media channels, local and national media, and coming to visit you directly at the season’s races.
What to expect:
We confirm that this year, the Firenze Marathon will be on tour, with presence at the most important running events in Italy and Europe, where we will promote Firenze Marathon 2019 and offer those who come to see us special deals for registration. The GUARDA FIRENZE on May 5, 2019 (10K) and the NOTTURNA DI SAN GIOVANNI on June 22, 2019, in its 80th edition, will open the festivities of Florence’s patron saint day. TRAINING TOEGEHER with the Marathon’s technical staff will be available as well, and we are excited to confirm that the 2019 EXPO will again host the HUAWEI 3×7 CHARITY RELAY the Saturday before the big race. We also look forward to CONCERTS and CELEBRATIONS, among many other things.
Be sure to follow our site’s updates, and follow us on social media! Happy training!

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