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Expo2024 Exhibitors


Florence November 24, 2024



Become our partner too!

Participate in the Firenze Marathon Expo: an extraordinary opportunity for companies to connect directly with customers and test the market immediately. It’s the ideal place for communication, business meetings, and promoting your brand in the world of sports. Last year, more than 30,000 people from over 60 nations visited the Marathon Center during the two days of the exhibition. Considering that each marathon participant is accompanied on average by two people, the Expo offers a huge exposure opportunity. Furthermore, we offer spaces and opportunities for setting up exhibition stands, allowing companies to promote their image in the sports sector and establish direct contact with the public. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event!

Exhibition Solutions

All exhibition solutions can be accessorized with graphic design, desk and stools or tables and chairs (where not provided), enhanced electrical supply, TV, and furnishings. For information, prices, and bookings, please contact the email address


Solution reserved exclusively for sports associations for the promotion of their events, offered in various metric solutions, perimeter paneling and basic electrical supply are provided.


Solution reserved for companies, only agreed-upon metric space and basic electrical supply provided.


Solution reserved for companies, provided with perimeter paneling for the agreed-upon metric space and basic electrical supply.

Further Information

Electrical Supplies and Consumption

ach stand is equipped with 1 socket point with a power strip per stand (maximum permitted consumption 1kw); any connection to the electrical panel is the responsibility of the exhibitor (NUDE and STANDARD areas).

Possibility of connection with maximum permitted consumption of 3KW upon request and payment.


NUDE Stand

The setup project within the NUDE area must be submitted to the Organization no later than November 11, 2024, accompanied by renderings and a complete technical data sheet, to verify compatibility with neighboring stands and the general area. The maximum height allowed to occupy in the NUDE areas is 3.00 meters.


No modifications to the pre-installed solution are provided. Any internal displays can be applied with double-sided tape, clamps, pins, or chains.



Any substantial modifications to the stands must be requested and approved by the organization no later than November 11, 2024.

Any internal displays can be applied with double-sided tape, clamps, pins, or chains. NO NAILS. For the STANDARD solution, always request confirmation of exact panel measurements at

For those who choose to provide any customizations independently, it is specified that such materials must comply with the current fire safety regulations in Europe; if they do not comply with the current regulations, their use and introduction within the EXPO 2024 area will be prohibited.

General information or requests for quotes for additional services beyond the basic equipment (electrical supply, graphics, furnishings, etc.) can be requested at no later than November 11, 2024. The cost of the provided items will be charged in addition to the agreed stand cost.

All exhibition spaces are indoors.

Unless internal spaces are exhausted, no external solutions are provided.


Where we are

Stazione Leopolda,
Viale fratelli roselli 5,
Porta a Prato

Opening Hours

Friday November 22 from 10:30AM to 7:30PM
Saturday November 23 from 9:30AM to 7.30PM

Expo Area Manager

Fabio Burchi
Mobile: +39 338 6225360

Information for Exhibitors

Exhibitor Access Hours

During EXPO 2024, exhibitors will be allowed access 30 minutes before the opening to the public (Friday – 10:00 AM, Saturday – 9:00 AM) from the entrance at

Via Elio Gabbuggiani, 7, 50144 Firenze FI.

On setup days, exhibitors can access from 8:30 AM.

N.B. Access via Gabbuggiani street will only be allowed for strictly necessary loading and unloading. Parking along the internal street will be strictly prohibited.

Exhibitor Passes

To be collected after accreditation at the expo/info point, on setup days (Wednesday 20 by reservation and Thursday 21) by a representative of the exhibiting company. 2 PASSES are provided for each stand, for any further requests, please contact the secretariat. Each stand is entitled to an AUTO PASS (included in the exhibitor kit) for parking in the designated area adjacent to EXPO 2024.

Exhibitor Parking

A reserved but unguarded parking area is available for exhibitors in the immediate vicinity of Stazione Leopolda.


Wednesday 20 (by reservation) Thursday 21 from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Access from Via Elio Gabbuggiani, 7, 50144 Firenze FI

All stands must be set up by Thursday 21 at 7:30 PM.
Any requests for derogations must be agreed with the Organization by contacting the email address


Saturday 23, from 7:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Work must end strictly by 11:30 PM.
No derogations will be granted by the Organization regarding dismantling time and day.
In case there are materials to be returned/shipped to their original headquarters, upon prior request and specific communication with the expo organization (, these will be deposited in a dedicated area which will be subsequently communicated by the exhibitor, they must be collected on Monday 25 or Tuesday 26, only in the morning, at our logistics headquarters at Via de Cattani, 57 – 50145 Firenze.
If left at Stazione Leopolda or not collected within the established deadlines, they will be treated as waste and disposed of accordingly, with consequent charges for disposal expenses. The organization will not assume responsibility for the storage of materials inside the stand throughout the dismantling and deposit operations awaiting collection.