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The Firenze Marathon officially presented a new initiative in the press room Manuela Righini at Artemio Franchi Stadium. The next Asics Firenze Marathon, taking place on November 25 beginning at 8:30 in Piazza Duomo will have its thirteenth kilometer dedicated to Davide Astori, footballer for the National team, and Captain of the Fiorentina, who passed away last March 4, just 31 years old.The organizing committee of the Firenze Marathon, together with the rest of the city of Florence, mourning the loss of such a young and skilled player announced that during the 35th edition of the marathon in Florence, km 13 (Astori’s number) will be dedicated to the player, with special signs allowing for the nearly ten thousand runners to remember him as they pass by.

The initiative sees the marathon organizers working directly with AC Fiorentina, Astori’s club, to determine the images that will line km 13, making this kilometer much more memorable than any other during the race. Km 13 takes place inside the Cascine Park, at Piazzale Kennedy.

The Comune di Firenze, additionally, has decided that after the marathon is over, a permanent memorial will remain in the park, to remind all those athletes and runners who visit of the 2018 marathon, dedicated to Astori’s memory.

Among those present were Gino Salica, vice president of ACF Fiorentina and president of the ACF Fiorentina Foundation, Giancarlo Antognoni, Club manager, Maria Federica Giuliani, president of the Come di Firenze’s sport and culture commission, also representing Andrea Vannucci, who was unable to be at the meeting. Additionally, there was Firenze Marathon president Giancarlo Romiti, and Firenze Marathon general manager, Diego Petrini.

“The 13th kilometer in the Cascine,” underlined Petrini, “will be dedicated to Davide Astori. And it’s important to note that this is an important choice to remember our Captain, whose death was such a tragedy for the city, and the world. Our organization immediately thought of marrying this athletic event to show support for the ACF Fiorentina. Many runners get excited about the beautiful scenes they see during the race, and this will be another reason for them to feel even more emotion.”

The collaboration between Firenze Marathon and the ACF Fiorentina is not limited to this initiative. ACF Fiorentina, together with its Foundation, will have its own team made up of ex-players taking place in the charity 3×7 relay race, which takes place the night before the marathon on November 24, beginning at 10:30 in Piazza Gui, in front of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, just meters from the Expo, open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm both Friday and Saturday at the Stazione Leopolda.

“We plan to see run and participate,” said Gino Salica, “at least fifteen ex-Fiorentina players. Don’t call them the ‘Old Glories,’…just glories…Astori’s family will also be involved in the event.” Then, the new hashtag was released: #weruninartandmemory, which now makes up a part of those already in use for the event.

“The Comune couldn’t miss this opportunity to allow the City of Florence to participate in this memorial, of our captain who lives on in our hearts,” added the president of the Commission of Sport for the Comune Maria Federica Giuliani. “Kilometer 13 of the Firenze Marathon will always be purple to remember David Astori. The Firenze Marathon has grown so much and this 35th edition will be enriched not just with culture and sport but also a beautiful memorial for the entire city.”

The player will also be remembered during the Marathon Mass, which takes place every year the night before the event, which takes place Saturday, November 24, at 6:00 pm at the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella. For all those runners and their families, it will be possible to visit the basilica with a guided tour for free from 4:00 to 5:30 thanks for the availability of the volunteers from diocesana Ars Ets Fides (with presentation of race bib). The delegation of Athletica Vaticana will be present as well, with Monsignor Melchor Sanchez de Toca, of the Pontifical Council for Culture who will hold mass.

The Huawei 3×7 km relay race is connected to the official charity of the Firenze Marathon. Those who register at can choose from a number of associations who are participating. The cost for registration is 21 euro all included.

The Ginky Family Run initiative, which takes place during the afternoon at 3:30pm, a mini-race of 3km that also starts in Piazza Gui, will also be charitable with parts of its proceeds going to the participating organizations. In order to incentivize young people to run, the cost for participation is just 10 euro for those over 14 years old. Those under 14 can run for free. 

The photo gallery of the presentation is on the Firenze Marathon Facebook page.
All information about the events are available on our official website:

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