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Runner friends,
A year has already passed since the pandemic spread throughout the world and our personal and professional lives, cultural activities, and sports were suddenly undergoing significant change if they didn’t come to a halt altogether. It has been extremely difficult to get through this period. Technology helped on many occasions, and was even fun to use, but it leaves something wanting. The social aspect of our lives can’t be replaced with screens.
In reality, we never really stopped. After the third movie and umpteenth homemade loaf of bread, we all felt the need to move. Some walked up and downstairs, some walked (alone) through the neighborhood, parks, or woods, and some did jumping jacks in front of their TV or computer. But moving together is so much more.
We all have a sense of restlessness, a need to restart, to start doing again. We all need to plan, to be together again, and we are sure that you all share the sentiments. We’re sure you think like we do when you go out for a solo run or workout, “will we be able to run together again? Soon… but when? I hope soon!” The words repeat themselves across kilometers, strength training, stretching. And who is stopping us? We’re boxing with our heartrate up and our muscles under control.
The running event calendar is slowly coming back to life. Events will adapt to federal directives and health guidelines. Obviously, unfortunately, whether an event can go on is still ultimately decided by the status of contagion.
This has led many organizations both at the local and national level to confirm or cancel many of their events. Some have changed the nature of their events, while others have postponed the event resulting in some confusion, overlap, or close proximity on the federal events calendar.
Firenze Marathon, as reported on the official FIDAL calendar has confirmed November 28, 2021, as its official event date. The race will take place in the heart of the city.

Florence is ready to open up and show off her artistic and overall beauty once again. As we have done for 37 years, we will run in Florence.

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