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Now, for the very first time. The medal that will be given to all those who complete the Asics Firenze Marathon 2018 will have a special added value. For the 35th edition of the Firenze marathon, an internationally famous artist will design the much-anticipated medal that is hung around the necks of all the marathoners just after crossing the finish line on November 25.

Firenze Marathon recently announced who designed the 12,000 exclusive pieces. Clet Abraham, better known as “Clet” is the medal’s designed. For the few who are not familiar with him, or who don’t recognize the name immediately, we’re referring to the artist who has decorated the street signs of Florence, as well as other world capitals. His works are made up of stickers put on street signs or other urban landmarks.

“The originality of my work,” the artist explained, “can’t do anything but call the attention of the driver, create interest and sometimes also a good feeling where generally very little attention is given, and, alternatively, a lot of stress is produced.”

The cities that have allowed Clet to adorn their street signs besides Florence include Paris, Brest, Mulhouse, Pont-Croix, Sète ed Evry in France, Cascina, Calenzano, Dicomano in Tuscany, and Collescipoli in Umbria.

These aren’t the only kinds of works of art that Clet creates. A well-rounded artist, this time, Clet has decided to attach his name to the marathon medal, a tradition that is attached to an important cultural theme (which will be announced at the press conference in Palazzo Vecchio, Sala Macconi, on Wednesday, October 24 at 12:00, with the presence of the artist).

For the marathon which takes place on November 25, the runners will have yet another motive to push themselves to cross the finish line strongly. That is, the goal of receiving and wearing not just a medal with intrinsic value for what it represents, but also a medal with artistic value, that itself is a piece of Florence’s artistic heritage. It truly will be a prized piece, designed by a great artist, famous in the entire world!

The last chance to register at a discounted rate is Monday, October 15!

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