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Firenze Marathon has some announcements to make for the 2018 marathon, which will celebrate 35 years of the event. This will be an event that involves even more of the city of Florence, due to the fact that for years, Florence has proven itself a city proud of her marathon, and excited to participate in the festival to sustain the nearly 10 thousand runners. That which will take place on November 25 will be a week full of events planned specifically to encourage the city of Florence to be more involved in the “marathon mood”.

The logistics team of the Firenze Marathon has already started working, and one night per week, is also physically working to begin the training materials and race packs for the runners. Here is some more information about the other new developments of this year’s Firenze Marathon. 

The first big news surrounding this year’s 2018 Asics Firenze Marathon is the new Marathon Expo, at the Stazione Leopolda. This event will be much larger than in the past, and will be a true fitness and wellbeing festival that will involve the entire city, in addition to the marathon runners and their companions. A true festival, divided by subject matter and disciplines, where the latest trends in running and wellbeing including appointments for the rest of the year, technical enhancements, clothing, nutrition, fitness, running and wellbeing will be on display. The expo will be open on Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24, from 9:30am to 8:00pm, with free entry.  

A 3×7 km relay race will take place on Saturday morning (November 24) at the Cascine park, with a mini-village set up in Piazza Gui, in front of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. This will be an opportunity for a charitable collection that will go to a number of the various charity organizations partnered with the Firenze Marathon. There is still time to take part in this event! To register, please indicate the charity that you would like your donation to go to at The race will take place in the Cascine Park, and all are welcome to participate. You can register in teams, or as single runners. A Facebook page dedicated to the event will be up soon. All funds collected will go directly to charities.

The Ginky Family Run, the event dedicated to young runners and families, which is a short run of about 3km, will no longer take place the Sunday morning of the marathon, but will now take place on Saturday afternoon (beginning at 3:30pm). The run will also take place in the Cascine Park, with start and end points in Piazza Gui, where the village from the morning’s relay will remain. 

Huawei Clap Contest, the bands along the marathon route to cheer the athletes on as they compete will also take place at the race village in the Cascine. Bands will perform throughout the day on Saturday, as well as along the marathon route on Sunday morning. 

Interactivity: The Firenze Marathon has launched the hashtag #iocorrolaFirenzeMarathon and #IruninFlorence, asking all those registered or who plan to register to post on the official Firenze Marathon social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) how their training is going and how they feel in the lead up to the event. The mottoe and objective is “we prepare for the marathon together”. On the official marathon website,, as well as on the official social media channels, runners can find technical advice from official marathon trainer Fulvio Massini, to prepare adequately for the event. 

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