The Asics Firenze Marathon is always becoming more interactive. The official Twitter account @FirenzeMarathon has launched the hashtags #Iocorrolafirenzemarathon and #IruninFlorence. We want to share with all those already registered for the Firenze Marathon that will be held on November 25, or those who are planning to register, and hear about their sensations and mood as the marathon approaches and they begin their training and preparation.

In short, we want to interact with the great Firenze Marathon community (the second largest in Italy, with around 10,000 registered runners annually), made up not only of runners, but also their friends and family members. Nobody runs alone in Florence, because the 10,000 runners will always have someone running by their side. During the months and weeks leading up to the race they aren’t alone either. We want to start sharing emotions, excitement, preparation, doubts, joys, and maybe even some training sessions that have gone particularly well (or even not so well). Our strength is multiplied when we work together. Stay in touch!

This invitation is extended to those who may not run the marathon, but will still be immersed the marathon atmosphere that pervades Florence the weekend of the race. Maybe those who are participating in the 3x7km relay, or the Ginky Family Run for children and families, events that, we remind you, will take place Saturday morning and afternoon respectively in the Cascine park, next to the new location of the Marathon Expo at the Stazione Leopolda. We invite you all to share your feelings, perhaps by posting photos and videos with the official Firenze Marathon twitter account. Because the Asics Firenze Marathon festival lasts all year long! Because #IocorrolaFirenzeMarathon and #IruninFlorence !