The Firenze Marathon and the Atletica Firenze Marathon presented in Palazzo Vecchio the terms of the technical agreement with the company Joma Sport that will be technical sponsor of the next Firenze Marathon (as usual on the last Sunday of November).

Host Cosimo Guccione, Councillor for Sport of the City of Florence. With him Giancarlo Romiti, President of the Firenze Marathon Organizing Committee, Luca Androsoni, President of Atletica Firenze Marathon, Mirko Annibale, Head of Italy Joma Sport, Mònica Del Arco, marketing manager Joma Sport.

Joma Sport is a multi-sport technical clothing company, which switches from athletics, to rugby, football, soccer to 5, tennis, padel, volleyball, basketball and other disciplines.

Born in 1965 and growing, Joma has entered the world of athletics already in 1990 and two years later the Spanish Fermín Cacho, equipped Joma, won the gold on 1,500 meters at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Supports various international realities, Federations and individual champions. In 1998 it was the first sports footwear company to inaugurate the fashion of colored shoes on football fields, no longer just the traditional black color.
Joma is official technical partner, among others, also of the Italian Tennis Federation.
Firenze Marathon and Joma have signed a multi-year collaboration contract. Same terms of the agreement also for the supply and sponsorship of the athletics team, providing clothing to the entire team for all categories and for the events that the Atletica Firenze Marathon organizes during the year.

Joma will provide the official technical head of the Firenze Marathon 2022, the official t-shirt that was presented at the press conference, which will be delivered to all participants in the marathon. The projections will see a participation of about 7000 participants, an important increase compared to 4500 last year.

It will also provide official clothing to volunteers along the marathon route, to those at the Expo held on Friday and Saturday preceding the race and to all the members of the organizing staff of the event.

Joma has launched a specific line Joma/ Firenze Marathon, and therefore not only technical clothing but also a specific model of technical shoe that can be purchased both online but also directly at the Expo, at an advantageous price. The exclusive technical shoe branded Firenze Marathon is a first for the Florentine event, with the colors white and red of Florence, the tricolor of the Italian flag and the logo of the Florentine marathon. It will be sold at a special price also during the Marathon Expo that will precede the marathon, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November.

Already in this 2022 Joma had supported, always with its own technical material, both the Guarda Firenze and the Cetilar Run Notturna di San Giovanni, the other events organized by Firenze Marathon.
At the Marathon Expo, which this year will be held at the indoor structure of the athletics stadium in Viale Fanti, Joma will be present with its own stand for the sale of technical material branded Firenze Marathon.

On the part of Firenze Marathon was expressed satisfaction for an agreement that relaunches the event that is already in the heart of the Florentines who participate and assist you in large numbers and in an atmosphere of great celebration. Similar satisfaction was expressed by the leaders of the athletics club that has the main operating base at the athletics stadium of the Campo di Marte, with hundreds of families that gravitate around and competitive teams at the top of the national movement.
“Two important subjects such as the Atletica Firenze Marathon and the Firenze Marathon have entered into an agreement with a subject of the caliber of Joma – said the Councillor for Sports of the City of Florence, Cosimo Guccione – this is a good sign for all Florentine sport, He’s proven capable of establishing relationships and capturing the interest of such relevant partners. I thank Joma for this choice, which is part of his strategy of constant growth: a path of development that I hope will accompany as much as possible the relaunch not only of these two companies but also of the whole world of athletics. Atletica  Firenze Marathon and the Firenze Marathon are two realities projected into the future, attentive to changes in society. Thanks to competence, capacity for relationships and presence in the city, they manage to live the changes trying to anticipate them”.