The 2019 Asics Firenze Marathon considers the numbers for this year’s race some of the fastest of all time, especially for females.

There were seven athletes who entered into the top 50 of all time, something that hadn’t happened since 2015, and with a faster average time. Additionally, the winner, (Piasecki with 2.25.29) and the second place winner (Tefera with 2.26.47) hold the respective records, just behind Salpeter who holds the record from last year’s race.

Elisa Stefani was fourth to cross the finish line, with a time of 2.31.57, gaining herself the second fastest time for an Italian woman in Florence, preceded only by Fatna Maraoui who finished second place in 2016 with a time of 2.30.52, just behind Tiziana Alagia who won the 2000 edition with a time of 2.32.18. No Italia female to finish in fourth place had ever placed in the country’s top ten.

The men’s race was just as exciting, with new entries into the top 50. The marathon’s top four athletes entered the ranking, with winner Bekele reaching 11th place, Kipsang 21st, Boufars 42nd and Moogas 47th. Among the Italians, Alessio Terrasi with a time of 2.19.53 barely missed the top 50, currently represented by Giorgio Calcaterra who in 2000 finished second place with a time of 2.18.34.

50 year old Alberico di Cecco finished in the top 50 of all time in this 36th edition of the Firenze Marathon. He finished in second place in 2007 with a time of 2.13.52.


Firenze Marathon continues a successful ratio of starting runners and finishers. This year we saw 7754 start out and 7460 finish the race within the time limit.