8970 athletes took off from Piazza Duomo for the 2017 Asics Firenze Marathon while 8428 were classified within the official time limits, the third best result of all time in Florence for the race finishers. This was despite the rain that fell over the city of Florence during the main part of the event, making the finishers even more heroic. It happens frequently that those who complete the race are only slightly less than those who register. Thanks to the runners, who treat the Florence Marathon as their goal for the year, taking care of every small detail and arriving in such great shape on the last Sunday in November. They certainly know how to take advantage of the race calendar, which allows for some rest time during the summer before training really picks up in the autumn, when temperatures are more enjoyable to run in.

The small difference between the number of those who start the race and those who cross the finish line is due to Firenze Marathon’s strong volunteer presence (around 2500 people) which allows for a 4:1 ratio between runners and assistants. The quality of the services offered to the athletes, which includes logistics and the incredible opportunities that the city of Florence allows, means that athletes have the very best before, during and after the race. The start and finish lines being located in the same place, with the route being a kind of ring around the city, makes transportation, pick up and drop off of materials simpler, as well.

That’s why if you haven’t already, you should set your sights on Florence for your last marathon of the year. The 2018 Asics Firenze Marathon which will take place on November 25, 2018 is accepting registrations and for one more month you can register at a discount. The deal is good through October 15! Registering now means you can mentally prepare to be one of the many finishers of the Firenze Marathon, and keep it in mind day after day and training session after training session. We love to see all those who start the race finish if! All of the organization team, including our President Giancarlo Romiti, will be there waiting for each and every one of you at the finish line! We want you with us!