Sunday, November 29, 2020. Here we are, the day of the 37th Firenze Marathon. Everything is ready…but it’s not!! We’ve been living through these strange times for a few months and it feels surreal. Our days, our passions, our goals, our plans, our joys, and the difficulty we’ve been through while maintaining hope for the future have been a challenge.
The Firenze Marathon, like all of us in the country and the world, has been greatly affected by this pandemic.
We are thinking about how we would have spent these days, the preparation, organization, and the involvement of marathoners from all over the world, together with volunteers and the entire city of Florence, if everything hadn’t been halted due to the pandemic.
The frenetic preparatory activities and attention to detail involved in this international sporting event that is so important for our city given the involvement of the committee, together with volunteers and the city itself, and the sponsors who have continuously used this event as a channel for communication is greatly appreciated.
Even the annual communication team, working hard to promote the event with the international community was able to generate sufficient willingness for participation. The Firenze Marathon Expo and its collateral events normally serve to welcome all the runners and their families who continue to choose Florence to test themselves. As always however, we’re all waiting for the start time on Sunday morning at 8:30 am, where runners are embraced by the city of Florence providing unforgettable experiences…
…to that point, we miss the Firenze Marathon, and as we sit here lost with inactivity, we cannot help but think about all the people that find themselves in similar situations with affection. All of you who are faced with the same mood… at least we know that this too shall pass. So, we will continue to work together respecting the health regulations and we hope that soon we can start to begin our projects, activities, training, and organization again soon.
We are looking forward to next year with the same enthusiasm and expectations that we have always had, both as athletes and organizers. We will all be together again with the same joy and friendship that we’ve experienced in past editions at the FIRENZE MARATHON 2021.
We’ll see you on November 28, 2021. “All of us and the city of Florence are waiting for you.”