Where can I register?
You can register on the site.

What do I need to register?
Your personal data, your membership card or liability waiver form or medical certificate + Runcard.

How can I pay the registration fee?
You can pay via credit or debit card online, or with a wire transfer.

How can I verify my registration?
Directly on our site, on the homepage, by clicking on “check my registration”. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary of your information to check any anomalies.

When will I be inserted into the list of registered participants?
Each registration is controlled and validated by an operator to avoid problems. Therefore, it is normal for a few days to pass between when you register and the appearance of your name on the list. There is no need to worry: your confirmation e-mail sent by Enternow is your registration receipt.

What does the traffic light in my confirmation e-mail mean?
It identified the status of your registration:
Green means regular registration
Red means problems with the validity/expiration date of the medical certificate or of your athletic association card
Yellow means problems with payment
According to the color indicated in the e-mail verify your data or communicate with Firenze Marathon any eventual updates/corrections to avoid problems when you go to pick up your race pack.

How is my race pectoral number assigned?
The pectoral number is assigned in progressive order based on registration

How is my starting gate assigned?
The starting gate is assigned based on your “personal best time” over the last two years as declared during registration. Your personal best time is only valid for a marathon distance (42,195). Each starting gate has a color that will be printed on your pectoral. If during registration no time is indicated, you will automatically be assigned the last gate.

I did not report my personal best time, but I have a certified time…
Communicate your certified personal best time to Firenze Marathon by November 18 2022 and you will be assigned the appropriate gate.

When and where can I pick up my bib number?
At the marathon expo on Friday November 25 or Saturday November 26 from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm

What to I need to pick up my pectoral?
The confirmation e-mail and a photo id.
You do not need to print the confirmation e-mail; you can just show it at the desk on your smartphone or tablet.
Remember to check your medical certificate and athletic card. Please bring a copy of each just to be sure.

Can someone else pick up my pectoral for me?
Yes, with the following documents:
– Copy of a photo id
– Confirmation letter
– Written consent from the participant delegating the pick-up

Can I pick up my pectoral on Sunday morning?
No, the pickup officially ends at 8:00 pm on Saturday
Fulvio Massini, with a prior booking, does provide a delivery service to distribute pectorals on Sunday morning. For more information write to:

When is the last day to register?
The last day to register is November 18 barring any early closings for organizational reasons by FirenzeMarathon

What time does the race start?
The starting times for some runners is 8:20 am, the marathon starts at 8:30 am.

Where are the lockers/bag drop?
In Piazza Santa Maria Novella

How far are they from the arrivals area?
About 400 meters

Where is the departure area?
In Piazza Duomo

How do you get to the starting gates?
The gates are found from Piazza Duomo all along via Calzaiuoli. You can reach them from:
Piazza Duomo yellow starting point top runners
Piazza Duomo red starting point 2:30-3:00 h
Via Tosinghi blue starting point 3:01-3:30 h
Via degli Speciali grey starting point 3:31-4:00 h
Via Orsanmichele green starting point 4:01-4:30 h
Via Vacchereccia fuscia starting point 4:31 and more

What time do the starting gates open?
At 7:45 am.

Where are the restoration points?
Every 5 km.

Where are sponges placed?
Every 5 km. (Km7.5, Km12.5, Km17.5, Km 22.5, Km 27.5, Km 32.5, Km 37.5).

Will there be restrooms available during the course?
Yes, wherever there are restoration/sponge points.

Will there be medical assistance available?
Yes, wherever there are restoration/sponge points.

Will a shuttle be available in case I am unable to finish?
Yes, wherever there are restoration/sponge points.

Will there be a sweeping truck following the runners?
Yes, it will proceed to arrive at the finish line after the maximum race time of 6 hours. Those who are passed by the truck will need to follow the signs along the street.

Where is the arrivals area?
In Piazza Duomo

What services are available in the arrivals area?
Once you arrive through the guided route you will receive a participation medal, a thermal cover, and water/food

Can I re-enter the arrivals area?
No, once you have left it is not possible to re-enter.

How far is the arrivals area from the lockers?
350mt, along a course guided by appropriate signs.