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Guarda Firenze

Florence May 5, 2024

Guarda Firenze

Run, Culture, Wellness

Discover Florence with Passion!

Explore the history of Florence with a unique running/walking experience! “Guarda Firenze” invites you to discover the city through an engaging sports-instructional event. Combine sports with culture as you traverse the streets of Florence, promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness for all. An experience that blends history, sports, and fun in a completely new way! Or take part in “Guarda Firenze”, a playful adventure suitable for everyone, with routes of 10km and 3km (Mini Guarda Firenze) that will lead you to explore the wonders of the city. Whether you’re an experienced runner or a walking enthusiast, there’s an event for you. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with the Florence Marathon!


Sporty sightseeing walk for adults, approximately 10 km € 10
Mini ‘Guarda Firenze’ 3 km for adults and accompanying participants* € 10
*Free for children under 14 years old.
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