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Cetilar Run Notturna
Di San Giovanni

Florence June 22, 2024

Cetilar run Noturna di San Giovanni

The Magic of Florence at Night!

Run into Enchantment

Experience the magic of Florence at night with one of Italy’s most iconic races: the Cetilar Night Run of San Giovanni! Take on an exciting competitive route of 10 km that passes through the city’s most picturesque monuments. Inaugurated back in 1938, this historic race celebrates the Patron Saint of Florence in a unique atmosphere. With both start and finish at Piazza S. Giovanni, in front of the magnificent Duomo, this timeless event is a must for running enthusiasts. Included in the regional calendar of the Italian Athletics Federation, it’s an event that embodies the sporting and cultural spirit of Florence.


Entry fee:

9.9 km – competitive race€ 15
no competitive race of 9.9 km or 4 km€ 15

Competitive race of 9.9 km
At the competitive race can participate:
• All the athletes regurarly register for an Italian sports club affiliated FIDAL (the FIDAL regulation allows the partecipation to all the athletes born since 2024 (20 years old)
• All the italian and foreign athletes resident in Italy or abroad, from 20 years on, in possession of the RUNCARD issued by FIDAL. Upon registration, participants must attach, in DataHealth web portal, a copy of the AGONISTIC MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (for the italian athletes) or the HEALTH FORM (for the foreign athletes) valid on June 22,  2024.

non competitive race of 9.9 km or 4 km 
All can participate at the non competitive race. No documents required

– Online dal circuito Endu 

The athletes registered online can collect the bib number directly in PIazza Duomo on June 22 from 6.30 pm

The registrations will close on June, 20 2024

It will be possible to register, ONLY at the non competitive race , on Saturday evening directly in Piazza Duomo , unless the bib number runs out

T-shirt JOMA with a exclusiv drawing

Wc departure and arrival area

Cloakroom service ( Campanile di Giotto)

Refreshment point