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The Firenze Marathon and the Atletica Firenze Marathon presented in Palazzo Vecchio the terms of the technical agreement with the company Joma Sport that will be technical sponsor of the next Firenze Marathon (as usual on the last Sunday of November).


STORM VIPER FIRENZE MARATHON: the official running shoes

JOMA PRESENTS THE FIRST OFFICIAL RUNNING SHOES OF THE FLORENCE MARATHON Joma launches the first edition of the official shoe of the Florence Marathon: it is the STORM VIPER, one of the top models of the Joma collection. Just a few months ago Joma announced that he would become the new technical sponsor of the […]



FIRENZE MARATHON ON TOUR On friday 1 and saturday 2 April the staff of Firenze Marathon will be at the Salon du Running of Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris and at the Expo of Milano Marathon.