• MARATHONABILE 26/11/2017
    MARATHONABILE 26/11/2017


Following the ever increasing success of the past editions, the staff of the Florence Marathon and the Spinal Unit of Florence, together with Florence Town Council, have decided to propose for the fourth consecutive year, the 'MaratonAbile' an initiative that allows reimbursement of the entry fee to all wheelchair athletes who finish the race, when the fourth 'Giuliano Viognozzi Trofy' will be awarded. The entry fee for these athletes (€35) should be paid by 14 November 2017, and will be reimbursed directly by the Florence Spinal Unit Sports Group to all those who conclude the course.This initiative aims to favor all Florence Marathon athletes and particularly those in the wheelchair category. At the present time, we are working on a plan to allow these athletes and those accompanying them the possibility of staying overnight in suitable accommodation at a symbolic rate.
As in past years, the wheelchair category athletes can be accompanied to the start line by car (from Viale Michelangelo) or by minibus organized by the Misericordia di Lastra a Signa (ambulance unit), who will also provide technical assistance during the race.