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Tomorrow at 8:30am the 34th edition of the Asics Firenze Marathon will take place with over ten thousand registered runners (final number of participants will be confirmed) that will head towards piazza San Marco to head towards the boulevard that will take them to the right towards Piazza della Libertà toward Porta a Prato to then go to the Cascine park. Then, at 9:35, every last athlete will have passed the boulevard which will then be reopened to traffic. The time limite to complete the race is six hours, after which all roads closed to traffic will be reopened.

Read here detailed information from the Comune di Firenze

In addition to the marathon, the 2km Ginky Family Run, open to both children and adults will begin at 9:00am in Piazza della Repubblica, where it will also end. This year, also in Piazza della Repubblica, there will be the theme Village, with the presense of Cocco and Pinna from the television show Peking Express.


At 8:27, following the same race course as the marathon, the MarathonAbile will begin. This is the handbike race for disabled athletes, with the presence of Alex Zanardi who organizes the project Objective Three (Obiettivo Tre) which seeks out new athletes for the Tokyo Olympics to take place in 2020. Zanardi and twenty athletes have been training with handbikes at the Asics Firenze Marathon Stadium. He then visited the Marathon Expo.


At the press room the Top Runners were present. Among these was naturalized Italian athlete Ahmed EL MAZOURY, Moroccan by origin but Lecchese for twenty years now and a member of the Fiamme Gialle team. “I have been training with Ruggero Pertile – he confirms – and I am very proud to be taking part in my first marathon. Last year in Turin I stopped at the 30th km but I wasn’t prepared. Now I am, I have done two rounds of high altitude training in July at Livigno and in August at Sestriere. Unfortunately I had one inconvenience: in a half marathon I ran in 1h03’50’’ in Holland in September I got injured and had to stay still for 10 days. This is my debut. My fibula is slightly inflamed and yesterday I had an x-ray to check the situation. Since yesterday I’ve been wondering how things will go, and I am sure that Florence and the Florentines will give me a huge hand in this beautiful city. If I can get to a level like that of La Rosa and Meucci? I don’t know. They are athletes who have shown they possess the ability to run this distance, and I still need to try to finish the marathon and see how it goes. Then I can draw some conclusions.”

This edition will see some athletes who have really exceptional personal best times. The best is Gilbert Kipruto KIRWA, able to run the 2009 Frankfurt marathon in 2h06’14”, and he could win the race. Although he hasn’t run a marathon this year, in the past he was a solid athlete with three arrivals within 2h06’. Without a doubt Kenyan Enry Kemo SUGUT who ran the 2012 Vienna marathon with a personal best time of 2h06’58” and three wins always in Vienna. Keep an eye on bib number 2 Benjamin Kipngetich, Kenyan athlete born in 1980, who won his first prize at the Rome Marathon in April this year with a time of 2h09’16” where he placed 3rd in overall improvement compared to his 2016 time.

Another athlete to watch is Silas CHEBOIT who ran the marathon in 2h07’15 in Korea, and the Rome Marathon last year in under 2h12’33”. Silah LIMO is another Kenyan with promising results, with a solid 2h08’54” personal best in 2015, but this year at the Vienna Marathon a slower 2h20’21”, which he ran in just 2h10’ last year. If he runs well he is a serious victory contender. Moses KEMEI will have to be the hare, while on paper Moses MENGICH, 8th in Milan and Ukrainian Dmytri BARANIVSKYY will be right behind him. Watch out for the Kenyan from Parco Alpi Apuane Paul TIONGIK and Ethiopian Tadesse Mamo TEMECHACHU who ran Kosice in Slovakia in 2h10’17” in 2016, a marathon he repeated October 1 this year with a time of 2h10’49”.

On the Italian front we see the debut distance run of Ahmed EL MAZOURY, originally from Morocco but adopted in Lecce and running for the Fiamme Gialle. Rounding out the list of other well-known Italian marathoners are Yassine EL FATHAOUI,  Liberato PELLECCHIA and Dario ROGNONI.

Pellecchia trained with Professor Lucio Gigliotti and has a personal best of 2h14’28” which she did at the 2013 Berlin Marathon, the same year that Wilson Kipsang beat the world record with a time of 2h03’23”. Her last marathon in October 2015 at Frankfurt was completed in 2h16’57”. Dario ROGNONI, from Milan, 42 years old with his best marathon time at Turn in 2011 (2h23’01”) ran the Firenze in 2013 (2h23’13”) and in 2015 with a time of 2h23’23”. Dario Santoro hopes to beat the 8th place spot he ran last year in Florence when he made his personal best time of 2h21’20”.

WOMEN’S RACE – The “pink” race will see many newcomers, among them British Elinor KIRK who could run under 2h40’ and the Kenyan Eulieter TANUI with a discreet 1h16’ in the half marathon. 2h35’03” is personal best for Viola JELAGAT who will compete with Ethiopian Arissi Dire TUNE who is another top runner with her 2h23’ personal best, and lots of experience under her belt due to her four World Athletic championships and the Peking Olympics where she placed 15th. However, she hasn’t run a marathon since 2010, so Florence could be her return to distance. Mesera HUSSEN DUBISO was born in Ethiopia and debuted in China in 2016 with a time of 2h41’37” while this year in March she ran the Agadir Marathon in Morocco in 2h38’45” placing 3rd, and she could become a race protagonist. The young and excited (November 25, 1997) twenty year old Sorome Negash AMENTE is a complete debutante, both for the Marathon and races in Europe in general.

The Italian flag representative will be Maurizia CUNICO who was presenta t the 2016 Firenze Marathon where she placed sixth overall, second for the Italian women.

THE HARES – “As with every year the objective is to beat the best– says Fulvio Massini, techincal diretor of the Firenze Marathon – and we have exceptional athletes who are able to do it, both male and female. For the men, the fastest, n.7 Moses Kipngetich Kemei, will keep a 3’01” – 3’03” pace per kilometer with a half marathon time of around 1h04’. For the women it will be n.18 Jobir Haji Robe, with a rythm of 3’27” – 3’30” per kilometer and a half marathon time of around 1h14’.

Here are the Top Runners photos


For the first time this year Alfonso Ruocco, from the team Gragnano in Corsa, who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s diseas will run the marathon. See his video interview on our official Facebook page.


Last year Ethiopian Teshome Shumi Yadete won with a time of 2h11’57” while the record is held by Kenyan James Kutto who ran it in 2h08’40” in 2016. Last year Kenyan Winny Jepkorir won the women’s race with a time of 2h28’46” while the record is held by Slovenian Helena Javornik who ran it in 2h28’15” in 2002.


Some news was unveiled for the 2018 edition at the presentation held at Palazzo Vecchio’s Sala d’Arme, where among others were present Firenze Marathon President Giancarlo Romiti, Comune di Firenze Minister for Sport Andrea Vannucci, Urban Minister Giovanni Bettarini, and Coni regional delegation Council president Eugenio Giani. In 2018 the Marathon Expo for its 35th edition will move from the Asics Firenze Marathon Stadium to the Stazione Leopolda, an impactful move both from the logistical point of view and the philosophical point of view for what the marathon means to the citizens of Florence. The new scene is just one of many big changes that will develop over the next three years in the city, which will be unveiled tomorrow after the race.


During the first day of the Marathon Expo the athletic track saw Florentine school children compete in the seventh edition of the “Fastest, strongest and most resilient of Florence – CONAD Trophy”, organized together with the Atletica Firenze Marathon which saw around 1800 participants who received prizes at the Marathon Expo. The CONAD Trophy for elementary students went to Miliite Ignoto with 82 participants, for middle schoolers it went to Mazzanti with 87 participants and for the superior schools it went to the Gramsci with 80 participants. Full results here

At the Asic Firenze Marathon Stadium track we also saw the HUAWEI 30x1Meter – MAURO PIERONI TROPHY RELAY’s fifth edition. 17 of the strongest running teams from Florence and Tuscany competed. The mixed home team, Atletica Firenze Marathon won the relay with a total time of 1.23’28”, ahead of Mens Team A Sana Siena (mixed) and the Dermovitamina Triathlon all men’s team. Then was the Assi Giglio Rosso, Atletica Castello e US Nave, then Le Torri, Oltrarno, Pol, Ellera e UP Isolotto.

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