Four months away from the event, Firenze Marathon already close to 5000 registered runners.

Almost 5000 runners have already registered for the Asics Firenze Marathon 2017, taking place on November 26. There are still four months to go until the event, but some important data can already be determined for the event. Numbers confirm that we are on par to have even more registrations than last year. Thanks in part to the successful implementation of the new race route, changed in 2016, with race start and finish in Piazza Duomo. The route will be confirmed for the 2017 edition of the race. Success is also due to its reputation, and the loyalty and dedication to the Firenze Marathon by runners and event organizers. The Marathon organization team is working hard for this year´s edition, and all the affiliated events, from the Marathon Expo to the 30x1 km Mauro Pieroni Trophy relay, the Music Marathon Contest, race packs, museum visits for registered runners and their friends and families, and much, much more. Last year there were nearly 10,000 registered for the Asics: it´s difficult for a competitive runner to contemplate not being among them for the 2017 edition as well…

Additionally, prior to the marathon, there are two associated events. On August 20 some of the Firenze Marathon organizing committee staff will go to support the historic international Amatrice-Configno race that has been recently reborn and will take place where just last year a terrible earthquake devastated the center of Italy. Firenze Marathon had taken up a collection to purchase medals that will go to all who complete the race, a symbol that sports won´t stop in the face of the adversity that struck the zones affected by the earthquake. Firenze Marathon will also volunteer some of their organizing committee to help at the race, making them sister races. It will be a day for sport and humanity in an area struck by hardship, a small contribution both concrete and symbolic.

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Another day of solidarity will take place on the last Sunday in September, the 24th, when Firenze Marathon will, as always, provide technical assistance and support for the Corri la Vita run, from which proceeds go to improve public health services in Florence, specializing in the fight against breast cancer. The race will take place in Florence and will involve over 30,000 participants in the 10k run and 5k walk. It is the largest charity race in Italy. Firenze Marathon will organize the race route and all of the logistics.

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During the course of the summer the Firenze Marathon will continue to recruit volunteers to participate in both the marathon and the Corri la Vita. Firenze Marathon is famous for being able to depend on over 2500 race volunteers, but they are always open to new ideas and new volunteers to fill in for those who can´t make it. To participate all you need to do is check in on

On the site, as well as on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), you can read all the news about the events and special offers for travel packages, including race registration plus hotel. Remain connected because sometimes special promotional offers are for a limited time only.

Remember that the marathon registration fee is EUR 55 until October 15, after which it will go up.

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We with you all ¨happy training¨ and we´ll see you soon!

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