Registration for the 78th Notturna di San Giovanni is now open!

With yet another fantastic Guarda Firenze event over for another year, it’s time to look forward to the oldest race in Florentine history, the Notturna di San Giovanni. A running event with options to participate in a competitive10 Km race, that does require medical certification, or amateur races of 10Km & 4Km that anyone can enter. If you’re visiting us in June this is a great opportunity to come together in Florence and celebrate the rich culture and art of the city, all while being a part of history as the event moves onto the 78th edition, starting at 9pm on Saturday 17th June.

As the event organizers we will be constructing a mini village around the Duomo, designed to host our runners and any supporters throughout the night, with pre and post run massages, changing rooms, secure lockers, and a show provided by our media sponsors, Lady Radio. You can register to take part on our website now for just €10 or, if you would prefer to wait until you arrive in Florence, you can sign up until an hour before the event in piazza Duomo for the same price, so there are no excuses!
We are counting down the days until race time, and we look forward to seeing you there as we run in art!

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