The first part of Firenze Marathon's visit to Japan: Watch the video

The Firenze Marathon and Comune di Firenze's long visit to Japan continues, as they work to build a cultural and commercial bridge. The Firenze Marathon will be present via the project "WE RUN ITALY" at the Tokyo Marathon's expo from Thursday, February 25 through Saturday, Febuary 27 (the marathon will be held the next day on Sunday, February 28).
The visit however, with Diego Petrini, Firenze Marathon's project manager there in person, began last weekend. Florence is in fact a twin city with Kyoto and via diplomatic relations between the Comune di Firenze and with its leader Nicoletta Mantovani contacts have been established with the Italian Consul in Kyoto, Marco Lombardi, which allowed for collaboration with the Kyoto marathon which took place on February 21.

In the meantime the marathon organization is collecting innovative ideas to improve the Firenze Marathon, the second largest in Italy based on participation, and its organization of over 10 million registrations annually. The Asics #Firenze Marathon will take place on November 27, and with the support of the Comune di Firenze, has ambitions to grow more in the international community, opening itself to new markets, in this case that of Japan. The visit to Japan is another way to achieve the goal of giving Florence and the Firenze Marathon an international audience and development tourism opportunities. Florence, cradle of the Renaissance and art is the most culturally and athletically active city in Italy, and we are opening ourselves to Japan.

 Check out the video of the first part of Firenze Marathon's visit to Japan

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