The Rankings: Florence is second in Italy

rankingThe Gazzetta dello Sport, as it does every year, has published its list of Italy's marathons with the most finishing runners, compared to last year. As you can see in the picture, as was suspected, Florence is confirmed as second by a long run only to Rome, with similar numbers to last year. To underline in the rankings, there are also substantive differences from the 2014 race.

Another important thing to note is the high percentage of those who have finished the race this year: 8,275 compared to the 8,670 participants (as is illustrated in this post with all of the 32nd marathon's statistics):

This means that, among other things, the athletes that came to run in Florence trained well for the race, as one of their main goals for the racing yea. This also means that the organizations and assistants to the athletes (made up of over 2300 volunteers) worked!

We therefore expect all of you and more to come back for the 2016 edition of the Florence Marathon. Here are some suggestions for how to begin preparing:


Let's work together to improve our arrivals percentage, to confirm those who have already been a part of it, to give those who didn't quite make it a re-do, and to contribute to a new experience for those who have never yet run in Florence!

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