2015 Florence Marathon


The 32nd Florence Marathon will be taking place on 29 November 2015, using the same route as last year, a sort of ring that embraces the town, with the starting line on the Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, and the finishing line in Piazza Santa Croce, one of the pearls of the hstoric center of Florence.

Since the first Florence Marathon in 1984, when only a few hundred athletes lined up for the departure signal, the Organization has grown considerably and has never stopped diversifying its activities. Not only marathons (and ours continues to be the second marathon in Italy as regards the number of participants) but also several other top-level road races during the year are directly organized by the group coordinated by Giancarlo Romiti, all of which start and finish in one of the historic squares of the center of Florence, just a stone's throw from the Central Station of Santa Maria Novella.

The season kicks off with Avon Running, on the morning of Sunday, 19 April 2015. This is a 5 km race for women only, the proceeds of which go entirely to charity,.

Then the 10 km Guarda Firence (Look at Florence) takes place on the morning of Sunday, 10 May 2015. It is now in its 43rd year, with the same joyful as well as educative slant that attracts not only students but also their teachers. Those who so wish can take part in the Mini Guarda Firenze (Mini Look at Florence). There is also a competition with prizes awarded in Palazzo Vecchio for students who have delved deep into the history of their town, reserved for primary and middle school students in Florence, in collaboration with the local educational authorities.
The Guarda Florence was the first historic race to be organized by Florence Marathon Committee. It is open to all, and counts a growing number of participants from other Regions.

On 15 and 16 May 2015 at the Luigi Rdolfi Stadium, the International Florence Multistars Athletics Meeting, for the third year running financed and organized by Florence Marathon, together with Fidal Regional Committee, the 10+7 Club and the three principal athletics clubs in Florence. This international athletics meeting has a backbone of multiple male and female competitions with interesting side events and is spread over two days. Excellent technical results, lots of excitement, topnotch champions and of course many spectators.

On the morning of Sunday, 17 May, Deejay Ten, with a choice of either a 5 or 10 km race, an event linked to the radio network of the same name.

On the evening of Saturday, 20 June, the historic Notturna di San Giovanni (the St John's Evening Run) is the competitive road race par excellence. By tradition, it takes place in June on the Saturday preceding the festivities for the Patron Saint of Florence. It is a 10 km race, concentrated entirely in the historic center of Florence, and is the second oldest race in Italy, now in its 76th year. It is a typically competititive race, participants coming from all over Italy. The shorter Walk linked to this event is becoming each year more popular. The route passes by the principal monuments in town, flood-lit to make the atmosphere even more exciting. The route is virtually all cordoned off to provide space for the crowds of well-wishers egging on participants along the way.

At the end of the summer, on 27 September 2015, Corri La Vita (Run for your life), now in its 13th year. This is a walk, or rather two walks, a 10 km panoramic walk, and a shorter 5 km walk through the streets and close to the most attractive sites of the town. Last year saw some 33,000 participants. All the proceeds go to LILT for breast tumor research.

Finally, on the day before Florence Marathon, Saturday, 28 November 2015, the 30 by 1 km relay race dedicated to Mauro Pieroni will take place in the Luigi Ridolfi Stadium (next to the Marathon Expo) for the third year running.

The Wednesday evening Firenze Corre (Run in Florence) appointments that started on 8 October 2014, will continue for a total of 34 evenings, up until 10 June The meeting point is in the Cathedral Square at 7 p.m. with Firenze Corre guided training, along different routes each time. Training can be undertaken at the speed chosen by each athlete, thanks to the presence of pacemakers provided by Fulvio Massini Training Consultant.


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