Emergency and Florence Marathon


Florence Marathon is further increasing its involvement in the world of charities, now adding Emergency to the list of its partnerships with non-profit organizations (Lilt, Spinal Unit, Celiac Disease Association, Fratres, Ort, Enzo B). Emergency will be taking part in the 30 November event that will be dedicated to Hamza, their driver who lost his life while driving one of their ambulances during combat in Afghanistan on 11 August this year.
Hamza Khan was carrying out his duties with the humanitarian mission in the district of Tagab, in the northeastern province of Kapisa in Afghanistan. The ambulance was on its way to the First Aid post in Tagab, where many people who had been wounded several hours before during violent gunfire needed to be transferred to the Emergency Center for surgery in Kabul. Hamza was hit and lost his life during shooting. He had been working with Emergency for twelve years, – a most dedicated and devoted person. In Afghanistan all Emergency structures are working flat out, and operating theaters are almost constantly full. Last July, considering only the Kabul Center, 326 patients were admitted for wounds caused by war and a further 604 attended to in the First Aid unit. 20% of the wounded were under 14 years old. This is the highest number of persons admitted to hospital in just one month, and in just one hospital, since Emergency started up in Afghanistan in 1999. Hamza Khan is one of the countless civilian victims of this war. Florence Marathon has always been sensitive to humanitarian causes, which have always characterized the events that it organizes, and now embraces the cause for Emergency for its 2014 race on 30 November. Yet another reason to be present.

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