Dear Marathon Friend,

I should like to reiterate straightaway my personal apologies that accompany my sense of discomfort and shame, as already expressed on your arrival in Piazza Santa Croce, for not having been able to award you your well deserved medal for the 30th Florence Marathon.

At the same time, I should also like to assure you that we have immediately requested production of the missing medals for you and other marathon runners who crossed the finishing line.

It goes without saying that this omission was registered on your arrival so as to enable us send the medal as quickly as possible to your address, within the next two or three weeks. We are sure that you will wish to keep it as a significant memento of your participation in the 30th Florence Marathon and the hearty welcome extended to you by the town of Florence.

Together with all the members of our team, I should like to invite you to return as soon as possible to run a Florence Marathon and, to this end, we have decided to grant you free registration to one of the next editions of Florence Marathon. Whenever you should decide to participate, you may be sure that it will be my pleasure to greet you with the customary warm welcome.

See you again soon,

Kind regards,
Giancarlo Romiti
Florence Mrathon


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