New commemorative logo for the 30 years

Thirty years of marathons in Florence. It was 1984 when the first Florence Marathon took place. Since that day a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. The Marathon is transformed and improved, and has reached the highest level of quality and appreciation by Italian and international sportspeople and road racers, thanks also to that amazing panorama that makes it quite unique.

And to celebrate these three decades of racing, the organizers of the Florence Marathon have come up with a new commemorative logo for the 30 years, -- a limited edition that will distinguish the special Asics garments in runners' race bags for the 24 November 2013 event. There will also be special posters and fancy goods. It's going to be the most splendid marathon thanks to the many initiatives on the November calendar. But to be able to fully appreciate it, you have to be there and to participate.

Amongst the many novelties of the 2013 edition, please note that the registration tariff for Italian and international athletes is the same, as opposed to most other marathons. This is a great opportunity so as to give absolutely everyone a chance to be present for the 30-year celebrations. Keep in mind, therefore, that right up until 30 June 2013 you can enrol and pay the €40 fee either on-line, or by postal order or banker's order. Thereafter, the rate increases: €50 until 30 September.

The 30-year anniversary of Florence Marathon is an appointment not to be missed, to celebrate together the principal international road-running event in Tuscany. Together with Rome Marathon, it's the most important road-race in Italy and among the first 20 in the world as to quality and number of participants. The route is completely flat, as set down in the IAAF rules, and has AIMS certification. It will be an emotional 42 km and 195 m. that winds its way through the streets of the center of town, crosing Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and the Cascine Park, before finally bursting forth into the majestic Piazza Santa Croce.

A memorable marathon to live to the hilt, -- so you can say: "For the 30-year Florence Marathon, I was there!".

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