After the race

arrival9763 runners registered for the 2012 Florence Marathon, 7395 Italians and 2278 internationals.  Somewhat less, however, at the starting line: 8323 athletes. 



After Italy, with the greatest number of competitors,7395, came France with 652, Great Britain with 378, Germany with 233, Autstria with 170, the Czech Republic with 158, Belgium 78, Spain 76, the US 52, and Holland 50.  62 nations were represented, including the Jewish and Arab Delegations from Jerusalem who ran their race for peace. 7771 athletes finished the race (5477 men and 1194 women). The year 2009 saw the greatest number of runners crossing the finishing line, – 8206. This year's race, the 29th of the series, came third in this particular classification, coming only two places short of the 2010 marathon.

Needless to say, Florence continues to be the second marathon of Italy in the category of the number of athletes actually finishing the race.

Other curiosities concern the professions of runners: the greatest number were private sector employees, 1270, followed by professionals, 552, workers, 405, entrepreneurs, 399. And, interestingly, 1760 of those registered were running their very first marathon.

As regards the organization: there were 10 refreshment points, one every 5 kilometers, distributing 193,000 beakers, 66,600 half-liter bottles of water, 5,590 liters of energy drink, 7,280 liters of tea and 30,000 tarts, 3,000 oranges 2,680 bananas. At the sponging stations, 57,000 sponges were distributed. Along the road 502 tables and 1,119 trestles were set up, and 32 gas rings to make tea. Straightaway after the passage of the runners rubbish was collected in 1,140 bags and plastic in 1,100 special blue bags.

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