Route length: 42,195 km

Date and time
The Marathon will take place on Sunday, 25 November 2018, starting at 8.30 a.m.

Participation and enrolment
Athletes wishing to participate must:
- be 20 years of age by the date of the event
- be members of a national federation affiliated with IAAF, or in possession of a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports valid for 25 November 2018 and Runcard.

 What you need to enroll

- entry form
- payment
- membership card, or medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports 


How to enroll
- on line on the EnterNow circuit (
- mail to FIRENZE MARATHON, VIALE M. FANTI 2, 50137 FIRENZE, enclosing evidence of payment, medical certificate and/or membership card

Enrollments must be made by 14 November 2018. The date of payment will bear witness. Participation will, however, be denied to athletes who have not enrolled and/or do not possess the required medical certificates and/or do not possess membership cards and/or do not produce evidence of payment made.

How to pay

Enrollment should be made and the fee paid in one of the following ways:

- credit card (online)
- banker's order to IBAN: IT 12 P 01030 02845 000000908823BIC: PASCIT M 1 W 19


 16th January 2018 15th May 2018  40
 16th May 2018 31th July 2018  50
 1st August 2018  15th October 2018  60
16th October 2018 15th November 2018 80


Start numbers and confirmation of enrolment
Start numbers will be assigned taking into account both:
- the moment of enrolment/payment (for enrollments other than on-line, the date of payment shown on the receipt forwarded to Firenze Marathon bears witness)
- the best time registered during the last two years in an official marathon (42,195 km), that can be communicated on the enrolment form. If no time is mentioned on the form, the organizers will assign a start number following the usual criterion. The organizers reserve the right to verify the time declared by an athlete and to change the start number assigned should there be any discrepancy
For enrollments received after 1 November 2018, the Organization cannot guarantee that race numbers will be in the category of entitlement. A change of number may only be possible if documentation certifying the time of performance is presented. In the absence of documentation no change of grid will be allowed.

Start Numbers
Race numbers assigned may not for any reason be exchanged with those of other athletes. The number must be attached to the front of the garment worn for the race and must be perfectly visible. Neither the number nor the logo of the sponsor should be covered up (penalty of disqualification).For those who have enrolled before 30 September, numbers can be personalized with first name and surname.

Confirmation letter
Upon having completed registration, athletes will receive an e-mail communication of confirmation.
Subsequently, upon registration verification, an e-mail will be sent with the athlete's race number as well as the registration status: GREEN for normal registration, YELLOW or RED for an incomplete registration with information about missing materials or incomplete documentation (missing payment, FIDAL card invalid, medical certificate missing).
Confirmation letters will be sent exclusively via e-mail.
The confirmation letter together with ID/other requested materials must be shown at the Firenze Marathon Expo to retrieve race numbers and packs.

In case of non-participation
Should an athlete be unable to participate in the Marathon, the enrollment fee cannot be refunded. However, there are two possibilities :

- To transfer the enrollment to the Florence Marathon 2019, subject to a small supplement of €20 for secretariat fees and on the condition that the Organizers receive written communication to this effect before 15 November 2018.The possibility of re-enrolling the following year can only be made once, and this transfer cannot be used against any other reductions.
- To transfer the enrollment to another person, subject to a supplement of €20 for secretariat fees, and on the condition that the Organizers receive written communication by 15 November 2018 together with the letter of confirmation received. The new entry taking the place of the athlete unable to participate must supply all personal information and memberships, etc. in the same way as a new enrollment. A new start number will be supplied. The possibility of transferring an enrollment is valid only for the 2018 edition of the Marathon, and in any case this transfer cannot be used against any other reductions.

Time limit

The time limit to finish the race (42,194 km) is 6 hours. The time limit to pass the half-marathon point (km 21,097 km) is 3 hours. The time limit at the 30 km signpost is 4h.15. Athletes running at more than 8'30 minutes per km must observe the highway code.

Timing and chips

Timing is carried out using the microchip Timing Data Service which permits recording of the actual time taken. Chips are strictly personal and must not be exchanged. "Real time" begins at the moment the athlete passes the departure line and finishes on the line of completion of the route. The intermediary times (at 5, 10, 15, 21,097, 25, 35 and 40 kms) for each athlete will also be recorded will also be recorded and other spot checks will be carried out to guarantee correct classification.
NO CHIP, NO TIME! Chips are inserted in the race number bib inside an adhesive envelope and must not be removed (penalty exclusion from classification). Chips should be returned to the Organizers manning the stalls in the arrival area (Via de'Benci) also those of athletes who have not taken part in the race. Athletes who withdraw during the race can return their chip to staff at the refreshment points along the route.
N.B. Chips are only in use for the Florence Marathon for which they have been programmed.
Failure to return a chip will be considered a debt toward the Organization, and will be debited to the athlete on registration the following year. In the case of non-participation or withdrawal from the Marathon, the chip should be mailed within 15 days to FIRENZE MARATHON, Viale M. Fanti 2, 50137, Florence, Italy. Should a chip go lost, a fee of €20 reimbursement must be paid by postal order to FIRENZE MARATHON, account N° 1822914.
Results will be sent via sms and e-mail ; participants will receive their recorded time by sms and e-mail.

Gates and start procedures
The start of the Marathon will be at 8.30a.m., but may possibly be a few minutes earlier or later, subject to TV and broadcasting requirements. Entry to the gates assigned is from 7.00a.m.until 8.00a.m.The meeting point in the start area in Piazza Duomo is open from 7.00 a.m.All athletes should be ready in the start area by 8.00 a.m.Differently able athletes will start at 8.25a.m.Athletes should only enter the gate corresponding to their race number, from 7.00a.m.until 8.15a.m.Latecomers will be invited to access the last gate at the end.Athletes may only access the gate to which they have been assigned according to their race bib number. Those who wish to access a different departure area may only do so from an area reserved for runners with a higher number (and not vice versa). Once they have entered the departure area, they will not be allowed to leave it before the start of the race.

Cloakroom Service
The cloakroom service will be located at PIazza Santa Maria Novella in the apposit spaces divided in different groups corresponding to start numbers (available from 7.00a.m.). Only bags provided by the Organization, and marked with the appropriate adhesive of your start bib number, will be accepted. Bags handed in will be deposited in the dedicated area by our personnel. The cloakroom area must not be used as a changing room. Do not leave any valuables in the cloakroom area as the Organization cannot accept responsibility in case of theft. We advise you to put on old clothes (that can be discarded before the start) on top of those in which you will run. The Organization will supply a plastic material mantle for protection in case of rain or high wind.

Changing rooms

Gazebos fitted out as changing rooms are available at Piazza Santa Maria Novella, near the cloakroom area from 7.00a.m.until 4.00p.m.

Prize awards

On the podium: the first 3 men and the first 3 women to finish the Marathon will receive awards.

Photographic rights
By signing the registration form of the 35rd Florence Marathon participants, as of that moment, authorize the Organization to freely use still or moving images of the athletes taken on the occasion of participation in Florence Marathon. This authorization for the use of photographic materials is not bound by any time or geographic limits worldwide, and images can be used in publications and films including, only as by way of example, and not to be considered as limiting its use in any way, promotional material and/or publicity usable with any support.
The Organization can, furthermore, cede to third parties who may be its institutional or commercial partners, the right of use of images as foreseen in this agreement.

Declaration of responsibility

By signing the registration form, the athlete declares to be aware of and to accept the Regulations of the XXXV Florence Marathon, as published on its website www.firenzemarathon.itand to be 20 years of age by 25 November 2018. The athlete furthermore expressly states under her/his responsibility, not only to have declared the truth (Article 2, law 04/01/1968 N° 15, modified by Article 3 comma 10 law 15/05/1997N° 127) but also to exonerate the Organizers of all responsibility, both civil and penal, for injury to persons or damage to things caused by or to her/him .

Informative Report Article 13 DLGS 196/2003 – Protection of privacy

Click here for information regarding agreement to use of personal information

Final warning
The Organization of the Florence Marathon reserves the right to modify the present regulations at any moment in order to guarantee an optimum organization of the race. Any possible modifications regarding services, places and times will be properly communicated to enrolled athletes via confirmation letter or will be consultable on the website