A sport event for everybody to rediscover Florence by running or walking amidst the beauties of Florence historical center
– 3 kilometerMini Guarda Firenze race

– 10 kilometerGuarda Firenze race and tourist-sport walking Blood Donors Fratres Trophy

Guarda Firenze: a sport-educational event aiming first of all at spreading the knowledge of Florence history through the usual tourist-sport walking among the city streets, combined with a theme competition that characterizes it. The race is organized by the Florence Marathon and by its Athletics Florence Marathon’s club.
It is about a race characterized by important technical contents as well as by rich educational features involving students, parents, teachers, adults and older people, within a sport and cultural event about important Florentine traditions.The competition announced by the Councillorship for Education is addressed to primary and secondary schools’ students. Every year it explores a specific special subject concerning the history, traditions and life of the city, by focusing young people’s attention on places, monuments and palaces which are less known, but whose knowledge, although superficial, represents a necessary and useful detail for their education.The Guarda Firenze race and Health Education: The Florence Marathon, socially committed ever since, proposes itself through the organization of the Guarda Firenze event, to guide the young people, their families, the adults and elderly competing in the Guarda Firenze race towards a lifestyle particularly aware of its physical and mental health and of illness prevention. The Guarda Firenze event is part of a wider Health education project conceived for schools and adults, and promoted by the Florence Marathon and by the Florence Local Health Unit in cooperation with other public bodies and private associations. From here the initiative to offer free registration to the race for all teenagers under 14.